Embroidery (n.) : Art of making with a needle on a fabric, or other support (leather ...), applications of ornamental patterns using cotton threads, linen, silk ...

It is by chance that Clemence passed on her love for embroidery to Anne.

From threads to needles, infinite possibilities have opened up. Then was born a frenetic thirst to embroider, sublimate, adorn and personalize: clothes, objects of decorations or everyday life, unique gifts ...

Collection of mini-worlds in the image of a personal "Cabinet des curiosités" translate in english  objet of vertu , a pretty false-friend - so was born Les Vertueuses, embroidered objets.

From idea to realization through prototyping and calibration of embroidery, everything is done in France, by our care in our workshop Toulouse.

Each of our collections is the interpreter of an intimate universe, imagined to sublimate, reinvent and mix yours.

Our concept is against a disposable and over-consumable fashion by offering a changing look at how we consume, reinvent and shape our wardrobe and our objects by giving them a new value.

 Unlike the Fast Fashion model, our embroideries are designed to adorn your favorite textile pieces, those to whom you wish to pay special attention, those that already have an emotion or a memory and thus acquire a contemporary shape and timeless.

Member of a Slow-fashion approach, we take the time to inspiration and the need to create and release our collections.

Our creations are numbered and produced in small series, according to demand.

We are buying and selling old batches of fabrics or second-hand clothes to embroider or present our collections to promote an Upcycling and conscious approach by reducing textile waste and the impact on our environment.


Mini-universe embroidered illustrations conceived to sublimate, reinvent and crossbreed yours ...