Clémence, is the creative, graduated from ESMOD where she was able to sharpen her textile expertise and creativity.


An inveterate collector of aesthetic emotions and passionate about the textile world, she draws her inspirations from novels, art, travel ... Each day a new idea emerges and is reflected in her sketchbooks.

Antique hunter of old fashion magazines and embroidered linen, she likes ...

Anne, it is the methodical spirit, she made her weapons with Toulouse Business School, which allowed him to acquire the tools to undertake.

Always in line with her partner, she leads the development of the brand.

She escapes to music, calms down with hand embroidery and opens up to traveling.

She never says no to go out for dinner.

In her entourage it is also called Louison, wink to her mother who wanted

to give this name ...!

Encountered at their place of work, their affinity was born Les Vertueuses - Embroidered Objects.