Mode d'emploi

All our creations are drawn by hand, converted on a digital embroidery machine and assembled with care in our workshop in Toulouse. Embroidery is a beautiful and delicate accessory, here are some tips to preserve them over the long term.

How do I use my patch?

  • Can I thermo-bond all types of fabrics?

The heat-sealed installation is effective only on 100% cotton textiles.

For any other delicate material (silk, wool, leather, synthetic ...) or thick textiles, it is recommended to sew your patch.

  • Sew your embroidery on a textile support:

If your garment cannot stand the heat, it is possible to sew your patch.

This is the opportunity for a DIY workshop with friends, family or ask the seamstress in your neighborhood !!

  • Are you unsure of the most suitable installation technique?

Write us by email at , we will advise and guide you.

  • How do I take care of my embroidery?

We recommend washing by hand in lukewarm water or a delicate machine program.

Be careful, never iron the embroidery directly!